Unfortunately, the Queen herself was unable to attend the concert due to health reasons. Still, there was a role for her and a fluffy surprise in the opening of the evening. Just before Queen’s performance with Adam Lambert, none other than Paddington bear came to audience with the Queen for a cup of tea.

 5 rock for more diversity & inclusion

The clumsy but charismatic bear is a direct hit with the public after 2 successful cinema films. Social media exploded when the video showed Paddington and the Queen sharing a snack. While Paddington pulled out a marmalade sandwich under his iconic red hat, the Queen grabbed one from her recognizable handbag. As the party is about to begin, Paddington congratulates his queen: “ Happy Jubilee Ma’am. And thank you for everything ”, after which the two tap in synch with their teaspoon on the ‘We Will Rock You’ by the English rock band Queen.

4. Amber Heard and  Circus

For months, the lawsuit between Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp and American actress Amber Heard has been on the minds. It is therefore impossible to give a short version of this legal circus.

After their divorce in 2016, Heard wrote an op- in The Washington Post in 2018 that she was a victim of domestic violence. It was the start of a disput divorce that culminated in a lawsuit in Virginia at the end of April in which the two accused each other of slander and defamation. According to Depp, Heard’s article impli that he mistreated her, which resulted in PR Directors Email Lists him not being offer any more film roles. Heard, in turn, sued her ex-husband for mounting an online hate campaign against her that destroyeher reputation, and she was fir from her role in the movie Aquaman 2 and beauty brand L’Oréal.

Public Relation Directors Managers Email Lists

Several witnesses spoke during the trial, exposing the most intimate details of their relationship, from text messages depicting violent fantasies to excessive drinking and drug use. Notable in this lawsuit was that the US state of Virginia allows everything that is said in the courtroom to be record. This allow millions of people – especially the – to witness the accusations back and forth.

It ensur that Johnny Depp – who could not resist playing the clown at times – aroused a certain amount of sympathy from many. And apparently the jury too. The Virginia court rul in his favor: Heard must pay him $10 million, he her $2 million.

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