In its simplest definition , PPC Marketing is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay as their ads are click. It provides highly target lead traffic in a very short time. Easy to follow, advanc targeting, simple to manage; It can be stopp for the desir minute and reactivat at any time.

When you search for any term on Google or a different search engine, results with the phrase “advertisement” appearing at the top and bottom of the page, or the banners you see on the websites you enter are Administration Directors Email Lists examples of PPC marketing. Advertising using banners is call display advertising, and the ads you see on search engines are call search advertising. The biggest strength of this marketing model, also call SEM, or Search Engine Marketing , is that it offers advertisers the opportunity to advertise in front of motivat customers who are ready to buy. That’s why SEM is so effective and offers huge opportunities to grow your business.


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 Digital Marketing Tools

One click brings you to an application or file that you use often. Without having to remember anything. By also using web apps in your Google Chrome browser, you can get things done faster. are also frequently us digital marketing tools.

Email Marketing : Email marketing allows organizations to stay in touch with potential customers by sending them customiz newsletters or offers bas on their shopping history or brand interactions.

Mobile Marketing

: This type of digital marketing focuses on reaching your target audience from smartphones or tablets. For this, it uses text messages (SMS) and notifications from mobile applications.

Affiliate Affiliate : Similar to affiliate referral programs, also known as Affiliate Marketing. It includes giving a share, or commission, from the sale to people or organizations that promote your product on the digital platform. Although it includes advantages such as costs and sharing the advertising load, it has handicaps in the sense of leaving the brand reputation in the hands of someone else.


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