In this case we want to test whether people react better to a product image compared to a model image with both a price in the visual. Our expectation is that a model image yields a better CPA than a product image.

Hypothesis = A model image provides a better CPA than a product image, because consumers feel more emotionally connected and can better imagine how the item fits around the body.

3. Prioritize with ICE

In the prioritization phase, you clarify which experiment you want to conduct first. You can do this using the ICE scoring model. The model consists of three parts: Impact, Confidence and Ease. With impact you assess how much impact you think your experiment will make, with confidence you assess how much confidence you have that this experiment will succeed and with ease you look at the ease of the experiment and what the time investment is. Which experiment is currently making the most impact with the smallest Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists possible investment of time and in which you have the most confidence? This allows you to assign values ​​from 1 to 5 to experiments per part, so that you can easily compare them.

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For the DIDI case, we think our experiment will make some impact (score = 2). We are very confident that our experiment will succeed (score = 5) and we think it is a relatively simple test with a low investment of time (score = 4).

4. Select variables and create versions

It’s time to work out the designs related to your hypothesis. You can make different variants based on the original.

Practice makes perfect. Publish your posts with the right intent, and your confidence will grow. Do remain critical of yourself. Are you reporting something that is chafing or are you looking for a limit? Then test your message in advance with a few people from your target group. “Guys, is this possible?” And tweak it a bit here and there.

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