Residents of city use various applications daily to facilitate movement around the city tourist services in general, easy. Mexico city is one of the first cities where a shared bicycle system was introduced to speed up and reduce traffic. In addition to this city is one of the most favorable cities for the creation of green and intelligent buildings. In general, a smart and sustainable city is an innovative city that uses information and communication technologies and other means to improve the quality of life, the efficiency of urban operations and services, and competitiveness, while ensuring that it meets the needs of present and future generations. Economic, social and environmental aspects.

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As a result, it contributes to a beneficial cycle that not only guarantees economic and social wellbeing. But also ensures the sustainable use of its resources to ensure quality of life. In smart cities, communications are used, sensors are distributed throughout the environment, and computerized intelligent control systems are used to solve Philippines Photo Editor urgent problems, organize complex urban conditions, and create responses that are innovative and meet the needs of citizens. To ensure this efficient and sustainable management, smart city technologies combine and analyze. Large amounts of data collected from various sources to prevent, mitigate and even predict crises. These mechanisms make it possible to proactively provide services, alerts and transformations to citizens.

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The conditions for city to become a fully intelligent city are given because its residents for the most part. Manage data all the time using paying for services online or switching to a virtual cash box. Through their mobile devices. In addition, today from the phone you can work anywhere and do things that were impossible before. Mexico city with the potential Sale Lead to become a fully smart city in. Communication is a problem that must. be addressed. In this new era, technologies are accompanied by human and state. Opportunities, which implies the consideration of ethical issues related to the use of new technologies. Be is its intellectual security. The following are some of their successful initiatives traffic and incident management system.

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