The smart city consists of three components, the first of which is the technological base, which includes smartphones and other sensors connected by highspeed communication networks. The second is a series of specific applications that are tools that convert data into alerts or messages. The third component is for public use. Songdo international business was designed and built as an “ubiquitous city” or “smart city”. What is ubiquitous is technology, that is, computers are built into buildings and streets. For example, residents of can hold video conferences with their neighbors or even attend classes remotely. They can control lighting, heating, air conditioning and more, all with the touch of a button on the control panel. Sensors collect information about things like traffic and energy usage.

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This type of information can be turned into alerts that inform citizens when. The bus arrives, or notify authorities when a crime is committed. Water pipes are designed to prevent the loss of drinking water in showers and baths. Smart cities have four main areas it is sustainable it uses digital technologies to reduce costs and optimize the consumption Jewelry Retouching Service of resources so that its current administration does not endanger its use for future generations. It is inclusive and transparent it has direct communication channels with citizens, works with open data and allows you to control your finances it generates wealth it provides an adequate infrastructure to create quality jobs, innovation.

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Competitiveness and business growth it is designed for citizens it uses digital. Technologies to improve peoples quality of life and quick access to more efficient public services. Smart cities must focus on improving outcomes for residents and engaging. Their active participation in shaping the places they call home. This means that everyone must Sale Lead participate in a smart city, from the government and nongovernmental organizations to all citizens. Therefore, everything must be connected and interact with each other within the city. Businesses will also benefit in many ways, seeing increased efficiency in their operations. Investment protection and better customer service.

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