It can be displayed in different ways: 404 not found or The requested URL was not found in this server. Reasons for a 404 error Knowing what a 404 error is is good, but knowing the causes is even better. This is why we are interested in the reasons here, which can also be diverse: The link no longer exists The link has one or more syntax errors The link has a redirect that was not set up correctly The server is having a problem Note that if the 404 error is related to your website, it is essential to resolve it as quickly as possible, because it causes poor browsing quality for the Internet user. Thus, your consumer will be frustrated and may not come back to your website.

At first you can use Google Search Console

Allows you to analyze the errors of your website thanks to the coverage section. Then you can use the completely free tool also called Dead Link Checker. Here you need to fill in your website URL address and all your website errors will be displayed. Finally, the last solution is to use the Screaming Frog tool which is undoubtedly the most effective. How to fix a 404 error? Once you have spotted the 404 error, you will need to fix it. For this, you again Logo Designs Service have several solutions at your disposal: either you delete the broken link, or you replace it, or you set up a 301 redirect. Conclusion Through this article, we have presented you with 404 errors, but also some tools to easily detect them and finally, various solutions to correct them.

Particular to develop its notoriety

Logo Designs Service

Establish a relationship of trust. We invite you to discover below some tips for building a good corporate identity. Good reading ! What is corporate identity? Corporate identity is an essential part of running a business. It is made up of various elements Sale Lead that come together in three main categories: design, communication and behavior. In the design we find all the visual aspect photos, images, forms in the communication it is all the relations with the target groups, the investors etc. And finally, in the behavior section, we find the way the company behaves with its stakeholders, collaborators or others. Graphic designer blog Are you looking for a graphic designer to create a logo? Check the prices of our logo packs by clicking on the button below.

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