A ridiculously great success, that’s how TV maker Ivo Niehe once named his theater show in Paris. He could count on a good deal of comment from Calvinist Netherlands. You don’t say that about yourself.

For many a recognizable inconvenience. We hardly dare to show what we do and can do. Afraid of appearing arrogant or self-righteous. And so we let the moment pass. A pitfall. Because visibility is essential in the online world for more brand awareness, leads and PR in general.

The right mix

The tendency is to give something personal on social media. But how do you do that without the ‘look at me’ effect? The crux lies in how you publish your insights, lessons or tips. Because even a personal business blog or vlog is not about you. No, it’s about your reader. Think of it as a service to your reader or viewer. The personal is in your authentic tone, how you experience something. Your honesty and, of course, what the other person can learn from it.

The 3 insights below will help you to freely show what you are doing and with which you are doing others a service, without inappropriate breast-beating:

1. Choose your audience

Don’t be under any illusions. Not everyone finds your posts interesting or follows you closely. Not everyone is ‘wanting’ you. That does not matter. In fact, that’s a blessing. You focus on your selective audience. That makes it easier. You focus on the target group that suits you. You never saw a Beatle fan at the Stones, did you?

Share knowledge, information or inspiration for the other. That added value is what your audience is looking for. Recognition, comfort, tips, insights. With everything you film, write or vlog, think: what does this mean to someone? As long as you have a conclusive answer to that, it is easier to share your messages without that critica

Do not confuse these terms. Self-confidence is about self-knowledge: you know what you are worth. Even when it comes to profiling. Do what you stand for, people recognize authenticity immediately. Arrogance is of a different order: you think you are better or smarter than the other person. That is counterproductive.

Watch how others define the difference between confident and arrogant people in the video below:

As you can see in the video, sometimes it’s Hospital Mailing Lists also a matter of taste. Where one person looks at someone with admiration for self-confidence, the other may find themselves arrogant and irritated.

Hospital Mailing Lists

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They share valuable knowledge from their passion in their blogs and vlogs that really benefit you as a follower, without the ‘look at me, being busy and successful’ feeling.

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