Wondered how I will bring back how we will bring back the fairy tale the absurd and the ritual in our everyday life. Not as an exception nor as a way out but as a natural and necessary part of life. As a symbolic recognition of all those we sense without understanding. Like the daily morning kiss or the goodnight kiss before bed. Perhaps Art is the one that connects us with acceptable seriousness to the other side of logic to the irrational to the other side of the visible. The invisible to the other side of the utilitarian to the ritualistic and endless repetition of a process. Perhaps Art is the continuation of the fairy tale and therefore we should. Face it with the seriousness and need we faced in our childhood. Perhaps that is why Art is neither indulgence nor education. The only way to maintain in our lives the invisible side of things in which we momentarily. Stopped believing when we abandoned our children’s room.

Suffocating and individuals instead of liberating

Serving righteous goals often leads to actions that negate and damage high intentions. This is what I thought the other day when I heard on a TV show a wellknown and courageous commentator who defended. The rights of gays who himself declared himself gay commit T-Shirt Design Service an unforgivable slip he named. A dying politician and called him gay adding that he also knew two of his lovers. The fact that the unfortunate politician had never allowed any particulars. The preferences that protested against him to become known added to the scandalous surprise of the provocative statement. Thus the defender of the cracked was in his turn making such an impressive posthumous crack. The justification is obvious the knowledge that public figures are homosexual negates the criminality and eliminates the guilt of the preferences. After all since homosexuality is something so natural why hide it. The label if it does not treat honor does not harm the deceased.

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The individual should feel free to speak

Thought this remarkable commentator who so many times. The past had given us reasons to appreciate him for his attitude committing the fundamental error of shifting the struggle. The emasculation of homosexuals from the space of individual dignity and freedom to that of the group assertion and confrontation. But there are Sale Lead no group rights. There are no minority that such a wording implicitly legitimizes a majority. There are only individual rights. Act according to his will right or wrong. No one needs to convince anyone that homosexuality is both good and natural. It is enough to convince him that whether he embraces them or not he must respect. The opinion the habits the beliefs of any other person. To respect them so much as to ignore them unless the person himself allows him to know them. Society must be taught the right to individuality Otherwise the atmosphere will become more and more themselves will run for cover in one of the many social concentration camps.

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