The EVP arises from the brand positioning of the organization. An EVP can be formulated overarching for the entire organization, and can also be made specific to specific target groups.

EVP as the   proposition

An EVP can be used for three purposes:


  • Increasing your appeal as a potential employer.
  • Increasing the chance of a correct and sustainable match: finding employees who fit in well with your culture and with what you ne as an organization to be able to give substance to your ambition as an organisation.


  • Giving direction to the development of individual employees, because the EVP makes the strategic ambitions of the organization concrete, and which competencies are requir for this.
  • Provide room for the development of the organization as a whole.

3. Binding

  • Strengthening your appeal as a current employer: you clearly show what you stand for and where your ambition lies as an employer.
  • Building a brand culture that people would like to belong to and stay with, where people themselves will act as ambassadors for their employer.

A strong EVP meets three conditions:

  1. Distinctive: how are you different from other employers in your sector? What can really make you stand out?
  2. Relevant: what is important for your employees target group(s)? What are you really addressing them with?
  3. Authentic: what can you credibly promise? How can you put ambition into it, and at the same time stay close to your authentic core?

Valuable work

An EVP is a people-orient value proposition that goes much further and deeper than listing a number of functional elements, such as salary and benefits. An EVP is about valuable work, is bas on Compliance Directors Email Lists your brand positioning and is made up of people-orient elements that are closely relat. Therein lies the power of a strong EPP.

Compliance Directors Email Lists

From the Japaneseee that people get the most happiness from their work (and their lives) when four fundamental drivers coincide:

  1.  their passion,
  2.  their talent,
  3. where they can earn money and
  4. where they can add meaning. This philosophy forms the basis of the Branddoctors EVP model to which we add a fifth element, from the working environment around the employee:
  5. the culture. Because we believe it is essential to be able to do your work in an environment in which you feel connect and in which you feel valu as a person.

All these elements are an integral part of our E

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