Ferrari features a black horse while the Porsche logo takes its design from the coat of arms of the city of Stuttgart and also that of the city of Württemberg. The Porsche logo comprises three important and historical symbols surmounted by a typographic element “PORSCHE” in capital letters. Now let’s take a closer look at this story. His history. The luxury sports car brand Porsche was created by Mr. Ferdinand Porsche in 1931. Ferdinand Porsche was originally an Austrian automotive engineer. He created the first Volkswagen car in history. Porsche released its first car model, a Porsche 64, in 1938. In 1944, the Porsche manufacturing plant was evacuated from. A suburb of Stuttgart, Austria where the Porsche 356 model was born in 1948.

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The Porsche logo was made on a paper napkin in April 1952. The man in question is none other than Mr. Ferdinand Porsche who wishes to preserve the memory of the coat of arms of the city of Württemberg which in 1952 merged with the city of. He then draws, on a paper napkin, a draft of the future Porsche logo. A very aesthetic mixture of the coat of Photo Background Removing arms of Württemberg and Stuttgart. What the logo represents : The black and red color stripes represent the former state of Württemberg; Black deer antlers on a yellow background represent the coat of arms of the Württemberg family; The mare in the center of the logo represents the emblem of the city of Stuttgart; And finally, the capital letters on the top “POSRCHE” are none other than the family name of the manufacturer of the famous German brand.

This draft will then be taken over by the Porsche brand

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Therefore, The Porsche logo has never been changed and remains completely iconic and timeless. Graphic designer blog The draft of the logo drawn on a paper napkin will be entrusted to Franz, an engineer who worked in the Porsche offices, in the design sector. Franz refines and finalizes the visual of this logo to make it the official logo of the famous German car Sale Lead brand. His work was validated by all the leaders of the company and the Porsche logo as we know it appeared for. The first time in the center of the steering wheel on. In conclusion. Therefore, The logo of the famous car brand Porsche is widely considered to be one of. The most famous and memorable logos in the history of the automotive industry.

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