The things we do not understand we baptize in the glory. Darkness of the mystery so that we can be quiet once and for all. This process ensures us both the charm of the unknown and the safety of its marginalization. Our society today has a strange relationship with art. What is certain is that he does not accept it unless he joins productive spaces such as entertainment or galleries. However it comes to terms with its existence through standardized notions. The main one of which is that only those who feel the need to create and possess the corresponding talent deal with art. In this way we are not forced to live with something we do not understand while at the same time within the framework. The surrounding democratic tolerance we allow the addicted talent to live a life at the same time Under such a treatment. The arts have no place in the edifice of our education which is addressed to uniform individuals with similar needs with. The aim of imparting to them knowledge that will serve in generally accepted activities.

Artistic creation we need to notice

Relationship with teaching an art has taught me some things that. Practice contradict these established notions. First of all the charming concept of talent that special gift that someone is privileged. Possess and which we think allows them to easily produce a high artistic work. The talent Logo Designs Service is there. But once we admit it we have to ignore it  Because if we are interested in the work and its high quality we don’t need to wonder whether or not its creation hides a talented creator. The quality of the result is enough for us. If again we are interested in the artist and his struggle. Then no one no one ever himself if the talent exists. The particular person what exactly it consists of if it is a motive as serious. The intelligence and devotion if the combination. The last two virtues ensures a more important artistic work than the existence of talent. There are countless bad creations by people with talent and so many good ones by others who lacked it.

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The artistic language is also required

After all the course of an artist is the constant search for his limits consequently the pursuit of his talent. The existence of the latter makes this hunt. More difficult and stressful since it is more often in danger of escaping from the art. As for the need that pushes the individual. That it is not a biological need but a spiritual one. The person must know what exists the work and the creation Sale Lead in order to desire it. However in order to know it the possession of. And that’s where education comes in. An education that perhaps taught us a lot but which completely ignored the artistic fact. Leaving there in violation of democratic principles. The individuals completely alone and helpless before a great and inexplicable event of the spirit’s adventure. Caveman discovered language fire and art by painting in dark caves. Education today teaches language and science but stops before the irrational man who smeared the caves. But we need him. Whether we have talent or not.

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