A reliable solution that is accessible to everyone and easy to use . An alternative that is always preferable to that of a “tinkered” robot that works poorly and is not visually pleasing. Create a welcome image When a customer or prospect opens the chatbot, rather than receiving a generic message, send them a nice welcome image , in your brand colors, to make the conversation more interactive. The few classic little lines with the “Hello, how can we help you. Can also be sublimated with emojis, if they fit your theme. Are you looking for a graphic designer to create a logo? Check the prices of our logo packs by clicking on the button below. SEE PRICES Graphic designer blog Show that the answer is about to arrive In order.

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The process of to answer and that the question has not been forgotten. Visually, the impact remains low, but it greatly contributes to optimizing the user experience. Respect its graphic charter If you create your chatbot from scratch, you must absolutely integrate it into your graphic charter , use the same codes and the same colors. To go further, you even Ghost Mannequin Effect have every interest in maintaining a dynamic similar to that of the website . For example, if you have a one-page showcase site on which windows or content appear with a very specific transition effect. Choose the same for your chat, in order to always keep the same logic. Entrust the work to an experienced professional Generally speaking, creating a chatbot requires fairly advanced technical skills. But also knowledge of marketing, user experience and graphic design.

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Even if it means calling on several professionals (marketing consultant, designer, developer). Finally, don’t forget to ask your interlocutors to rate their experience. After use and to send comments, so you can constantly adjust to their needs! In the article Sale Lead below, we invite you to discover without delay some tips for detecting and correcting the 404 errors that can sometimes appear. Good reading Who has never come across a 404 error? You have this inscription which is often followed by “page not found”. In reality, it is an HTTP error code that is returned by the website server. The Internet user encounters this 404 error when he tries to access a page that is not found by the server.

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