So, think: how do you make someone feel welcome in your video? So let go of the perfect and slick, but keep your viewer in mind. The video will then probably become more personal and accessible. And keep it short! 2-3 minutes is really long.

Tip le speak

The biggest reason to work for a company? The people, the colleagues, the atmosphere. So: let different people speak briefly. Let the team tell you why they work here. And of course also show how they work. For example, walk along with someone in the video, as a kind of tour. A film thus already feels like an introduction.

Tip  that you hear more often

There are often themes or questions that you regularly hear in the workplace and during interviews. For example, if you know that there are a lot of questions about work pressure or holidays, make them discussable in your video. Have a colleague briefly tell you about this. So you actually want this video to feel like you’re getting some kind of insider information before you actually visit somewhere.

Tip 4. Make it visual

We often forget to make videos visual. Then we let a number of people have their say, but we don’t show what it’s like to work Business Development Directors Email Lists somewhere. For example, in addition to the workplace, also show the street and the lunch cafe around the corner, or your good coffee, and also photos of a nice company outing. Use different distances and angles to make the video visually dynamic.

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Tip 5. Make the CTA part of your video

The CTA: Call to Action. What do you hope the viewer does when they watch your video? Don’t just put this in text at the back of the video, but name it and make it part of the video. If a colleague is standing at the coffee machine, you can say “Are you coming for a cup of coffee soon? Just send us an email.” That probably comes across as more personal than just a text with a link at the end of the video.

What are your video recruitment tips? How do you approach this, what are your additions? I’d love to hear it, be sure to leave a comment

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