Manage your social media in less time. If your organization is embarrassed on social media, you should know that. Rather than anyone. Before you know it, it will be discussed during a meeting. This creates a lot of discussion when it could have already been solved.

 preference. I have seen OBI4wan grow as a Dutch company. Also as a party in the WhatsApp and chatbot customer service. Coosto is certainly a cool alternative, but more expensive.

You then organize the webcare as follows: do the webcare early in the morning and also after lunch. You schedule your messages for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on a weekly basis. The best thing is if colleagues also prepare their concepts for you. That saves a lot of editing work.

To carry out a digital marketing activity, it is necessary to know digital marketing tools and platforms well. If we go through the same example, LinkedIn is a platform, the advertising work or account management carri out here is also a digital marketing tool. Without further ado, let’s move on to digital marketing tools.

What are Digital Marketing Tools?

Known as the most modern marketing method, digital marketing is one of the types of marketing us to analyze the Software Managers Email List comprehensive performance of a campaign and decide on future strategies. Therefore, digital marketing digital tools to organize and measure any campaign activity.

Software Developers Engineers, Directors, Email Lists

So, what is a digital marketing tool? How many digital marketing tools are there? How to use digital marketing tools?


Your website is one of the most important digital marketing tools. Often the most important! Google Analytics or Yandex Metrics is the most important building block on the way to your goal. 

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