For example better traffic management will lead to shorter delivery times for logistics companies and online stores, while smart lighting can improve performance in certain areas by increasing sales at local stores and restaurants. Meanwhile, better communication will be a boon to almost every company and its employees, increasing overall efficiency. It is also possible to make data collected in smart cities accessible to businesses, although there are obvious privacy and security implications here. In short, people, processes and technologies ppt are the three principles for the success of a smart city initiative. Cities must explore their citizens and communities, learn about the processes that drive business, develop policies and goals to meet the needs of citizens.

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Technologies can then be introduced to meet the needs of citizens in order to improve quality of life and create real economic opportunities. This requires a holistic individual approach that takes into account urban cultures, urban planning and local regulations. Some of the important elements that are integrated into the concept of smart and Clipping Path Service sustainable cities are not only related to physical infrastructure, such as the development and use of and open government, cloud computing, big data and internet of things. The main objectives are progress towards technological convergence and thus guarantee sustainability. A higher level of social cohesion, competitiveness and security at different levels of human security.

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The infrastructure of a smart city must be scalable so that it can grow and develop to meet. Future needs, thus ensuring the protection of public and private data. Transparency, corruption, unemployment, insecurity and educational gaps are some of the ethical and social problems that city must overcome to become a smart city. Mexico city, although Sale Lead not one hundred percent smart, has several characteristics that place it in this category. Some of the characteristics that make city a smart city are that citizen participation. Is expanding through technological tools to provide services and interact. With the government, as well as better public transport and communications, signs in. Increased public safety and the spread of the concept.

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