There are several ways to formulate an EVP. As far as we are concerned, the most important thing is not to try to do this from behind the desk, but especially to enter into a dialogue with the target group. With potential new employees, but also with your existing employees.

You then start by

mapping out the current value proposition and brand positioning. What is the appeal of your organization, why should customers choose you? You then enter into a conversation with the target group, with current and potential employees, to find out what they find important and where their needs and dilemmas lie.

Based on those employee insights, you will formulate the Employee Value Proposition, which you will then validate with the target group. To what extent is this EPP relevant, distinctive and credible? Where are the gaps compared to the current situation? Finally you can finalize the EVP and activate it in the next steps.

For example, you can use it as a base Controlling Directors Email Lists for your labor market campaign. And you can start solving the gaps, if you identified them during the validation.

Controlling Directors Email Lists

Marketing and HR

Get started together with this enormous labor market challenge that we face together. Ensure a strong brand that you not only translate into a strong proposition towards customers, but especially towards employees. To new and existing employees. Because in order to captivate, bind and grow people in your organization, you have to make it clear to the outside, but especially to realize on the inside why people should choose and continue to choose your organization.

All in all, a great project. It is doable, but requires some time and effort. In addition to linking the accounts and product feeds, you also have to make sure that your products really stand out. This often requires optimizations to the products in your webshop. Depending on the size of your webshop, this can take a lot of time. Well, then you also have something! As far as I’m concerned, Google Shopping is here to stay and increasingly import

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