Longtime computer junkie I was compelled for reasons. I still don’t know to get one and embark on the adventure of operating it. I will not assert that it is not indeed a convenience. Very likely in a short time I shall no longer be able to part with it. I will however attempt to point out the dangers that I feel it brings. As long as at least for the time being I still have clarity of judgment. The first danger is changing the way of thinking. The mind is forced to operate with the pyramidal logic of the machine. Positions of a computer’s codes. So the conversation with the machine becomes faster and more efficient. But it is not unreasonable to fear that such a direction will damage. The free and often irrational thinking that has often produced not only beauty but also tangible results in art and science. The second risk concerns language. Both the keyboard and the screen make language a simple tool. Working in front of a computer you realize that the tones the spirits the syllabism. Quite possibly the diphthongs and many letters delay communication in which the role of language is now shrinking.

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The fear of the Latin alphabet is not far away and why. English language which everyone will agree that with its comprehensive abbreviations perfectly suits the logic of the computer. The third danger is the perception of time. Speed ​​becomes an end in itself. Don’t do something one way if it’s faster with someone else. But what is that relationship that proves to us the value of time as Raster to Vector Conversion perceived by a computer. How much faster should a computer become and what is the time saving for. The questions are more direct than philosophical. They are related to the content of free time which a computer leaves you and ultimately. The final goal of time. This infinite supply of time makes its measurement more tragically felt. The fourth risk has to do with the oversupply of options. The more options a person has. The more their stress increases and the final choice becomes more difficult. It is possible that the graphic sloppiness observed nowadays is due to the immaturity.

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Faced with a hundred fonts which at the push of a button computers offer. The operator has not the slightest argument of choice. Some even dream of designing new ones as if these were not enough to handle the emptiness of our speech. These dangers are not pointed out to prevent us from using computers. But to prevent us from accepting their omnipotence putting us once again on the path of a critical not dismissive view of technological progress. The present text was of. But after. I had previously Sale Lead scratched the pages of a notebook with a polytoner. A quiet bright morning drinking coffee at a coffee table. Anyone who systematically handles artistic tools seems entitled to use the title of artist. If the artistic profession is also related to the world of entertainment. Publicity then the contact with the general public and the fame that this guarantees. Enough to eliminate even the slightest doubt which may have been born. The ambitious and perhaps momentarily modest mind of the professional entertainer.

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