Time to dig a little deeper into the content of Newcom’s research. For example, it appears that within the domains Conditions, The job, The organization and Happiness at work, subjects such as Attention to health and Energy (balance) score the least well.

Attention to health gets a 6.4 and Energy (balance) only a 5.4. As a counterpart: Freedom scores highest with a 7.6.

Source: Newcom

Being able to distance yourself from work

Leisure and work feel out of balance for 39% of the respondents. The statement ‘Having to do too much work in a short time’ is also striking. 38% agree. In contrast, 38% say they disagree with the statement that it is difficult to let go of work.

Source: Newcom

Referring to the health of employees: employers stimulate exercise and vitality with schemes/compensations for 47% of the respondents and offer an environment that invites you to sit less and move more (44%).

An active use of breaks (lunch walks, table tennis, fitness, etc.) is also encouraged (41%) by employers. However, 29% also say that they do not agree with this statement.

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If you look at the underlying statements in the Satisfaction section, it is striking that 69 percent indicate that they can express their strong points in the work. 1 in 6 employees are challenged to get the best out of themselves. 16% indicate that they are not often so engrossed in work that time is forgotten.

Source: Newcom

Happiness at work in sight

Not all of the results from the Engineering Directors Email Lists Newcom study may be surprising. But they do help keep this topic on track. And this is not only i

Engineering Directors Managers Email Lists

“Vitality and happiness at work lead to 33% more profitability, 45% more productivity, 66% less absenteeism and 300% more innovation.”

How do they deal with this at Moneybird? “Our projects arise from customer demands, either because we want to make a difference compared to our competitors or because our colleagues like to take the initiative! By doing what you find fun, interesting and/or important, you often end up in an upward spiral, because a great sense of happiness at work leads to even more happiness. As a manager, therefore, do not aim for results, but for happiness, well-being and positive energy.

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