The effort in which the elite journalist is so persistent and consistent to establish homosexuality. As equal to heterosexual sexual practice is insufficient because it targets a very small part of the problem. The problem that concerns overall the respect of each individual practice without being interested in its official establishment. One must seek acceptance. Neither tolerance nor agreement. It must be the right of every person. Judge his own actions to decide for himself whether to make them public. Keep them secret and only he should appreciate. The reasons that will make him choose one or the other path. No one has the right to trample on a person’s free and independent expression in order to support a larger goal. And even less when that person is not alive to react. Then the challenge is not even courageous.They have all so often analyzed the anxieties of our time. The reasons that give rise to them that even. The mere mention of them now constitutes a new source of anxiety in itself. However between new ecological threats frenzied pace of life new existential questions shaky human.

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Relationships pressing professional insecurities and so many other anxietyproducing conditions. I suddenly felt the presence of one more threat and at the same time a cause of anxiety which even previously. I might have considered it a blessing. It’s about the endless variety of options available to us. Everywhere I turn everything is playing. From the chairs I can buy for my dining room or the covers Ghost Mannequin Effect for the sofas from the coffee maker or the stereo from everything. Solomon to the tourist guide for Ceylon from the good grocery store and theof. Bach mode the coffee shop where I will drink my espresso everything is possible everything is offered to me and. I can always choose between many identical or almost identical versions. But the problem is that at the same time that someone gave us the gift of endless variety they took away. Did not offer us the corresponding selection criteria. The reason or one of them probably lies in the fact that variety is born in our time The sake of variety and not for the sake of an essential noticeable difference.

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The absence of a real need to create an additional alternative does not take. The form of a new way out but rather one more impasse. And we find ourselves with an alleged possibility of choice in the middle of a labyrinth each turn of which looks. The same as the previous one Anxiety is born and exacerbated through the Sale Lead effort to choose. The incessant doubt that accompanies it even after its completion. In fact it is an anxiety that is difficult to deal with because it is composed. Comes from many small reasons which do not make their presence obvious and intense. Against this already established threat defense is only possible through personal armor. With the creation by each of us of strong criteria which are based on as clear. Philosophical aesthetic ethical bases. After all man does not want to be free except to the extent that he has the ability to set his own limits and his own shackles. And only in this way can he find the way out of every labyrinth.

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