For the public there is no better regret and fuller complacency than to attribute. The title to whoever handles the instruments that is whoever fulfills. The external elements even more so if he enjoys general fame or esteem. However under this general concept an umbrella which is limited only by the external elements. The distinction is not necessary to degrade the latter and sanctify the former since quality or meanness can nestle in every human work. The distinction is needed perhaps more than ever because our era is characterized. The confusion of concepts and the arbitrariness of speech so that in a little while even nouns will be empty of content as it has long been. The case with adjectives if we do not try defending the emulation and no longer the forgery of the concepts.

Material earnings audience and prize

Therefore at a time when the need for social climbing and class upgrading has led. The ordination of more and more arts or functions with the aim of transforming. All professionals into artists or functionaries it would be useful in the effort to delimit the concepts to include the role of success. For the public entertainer or professional craftsman success is expressed in numbers collection. The entertainer Real Estate Photo Editing is driven by the audience seeks their favor tames the. But there are others who with the same tools trace the limits of their world and their art who seek the spiritual side of the visible who work in the dark with passion and need without goals and motives who wish to acquire work before securing public. For them success is not a goal. They don’t confront the public but their own art and its incantations. We have to call them something. Let’s agree on the definition. But most importantly let’s clarify the difference within ourselves.

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Everything the beautiful now plays

Will be impossible for us not to share but also to understand Picasso’s fear. The end of his life that he had already turned into a public entertainer while the heavy shadows of. Titian and Goya covered his dreams. But it remains a necessary component of our lives since it adds Sale Lead to our various actions. The objects that surround us a dimension of personal choice based on nonutilitarian criteria. What surprises and saddens me in our current world is not that. The perception of beauty has changed something like this is not only. Expected but also desirable but that it no longer seems to be necessary. No one is looking for it  I don’t know if the great painter Balthus was right when he gave his opinion about. The century that closed saying that it was the century where everything buildings nature clothes became uglier but I certainly believe that for the lesser roll.

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