The most fruitful time in his photographic practice came in his student years while studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh. During that almost year period he created his best street photographs and at the same time a significant archive of the life of the Scottish capital. During Blomfield’s lifetime the only exhibition of his work was held. It opened in at the City Arts Centre Edinburgh. The exposition evoked a great response from the audience. After its success shortly before the death of the author a book was published with his best blackandwhite photographs taken between and His in Sheffield Edinburgh Glasgow and London. The Edinburgh collection can be called the most complete of the city’s portraits.

The variety of subjects in his works

In fact not only the capital of Scotland but the whole of postwar. Britain found in Robert Blomfield an artist visual poet and humanist who kneaded every composition equally on social history anthropology and art.In his work Robert Farber managed to embrace different genres from nude and fashion photography to seascapes urban scenes and still lifes. He skillfully imbues all with a picturesque Banner Design and romantic spirit. Even his promotional shots are indistinguishable from artistic ones. Robert Farber is from New Jersey. Before photography he was interested in art painting and studying marketing. Farber recalls how photography came into his life One day I was walking along Miami Beach and noticed a very large woman in the tiniest I have ever seen. She sat on the beach and knitted.

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Sometimes published under the pseudonyms

Then the thought flashed through my head I wish I had a camera. Suddenly I saw in photography a way to capture a moment to tell a story. The thought never left my mind and after college I bought my first camera a mm Petri. I was not a technical specialist and often made mistakes Sale Lead such as color distortion and graininess. But I realized that because of the mistakes my photos became very similar to paintings . Having started his career as a fashion photographer he simultaneously developed in art photography. Already in he published a photo book Professional Fashion Photography Professional Fashion Photography. Frivolous pictures taken in the s for Penthouse Hustler and other similar magazines were Rupert Danes or Hillary. Not to tarnish your reputation.

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